Spandex Bliss Dress
  • Spandex Bliss Dress

    It's functional. It's sexy. It's so comfy, and perfect. It's the Bliss dress.

    Wear at least 7 ways!
    - Cowl Drape Neck Shirt
    - Twisted/Knotted Halter Dress
    - Cowl Hood Crop Top
    - Cowl Dress
    - Strapless Dress with Open Back
    - Adjustable Wrap Skirt
    - Cowl Drape Neck Crop Top

    Featuring a versatile tie upper, cascading cowl neck line, and dainty angled shaft lower
    Stretch fabric supports your curves
    Spandex is a very soft, lightweight spandex/nylon blend; luscious!
    Tie allows for optimum adjustment and option to shift appeal
    End of lower hem is asymmetrical for ultimate complimentary appeal

    Fit: Drapes close to your body. The dance floor never saw this dress coming!
    Adjust upper tie for loose to tight fit & cleavage adjustment.
    Feel: Sexy badass. Festival romp, dance floor boogie, lunch and dinner date always, hit those sidewalks and sashay away.
    Fashion: Gorgeous waterfall cowl chest line complimented with a lower angled skirt hemline.
    Function: Breathability thanks to the open back, and ultimate fashion trending with a sexy fit.

    gHwc Production is Waste Free & 100% Green Powered
    All fabric bits from the Bliss Dress are recreated into Headbands, Bandanas, and Yoga Pillows.
    • Details

      28" Chest
      28" Upper Hip

      30" Chest
      30" Upper Hip

      32" Chest
      32" Upper Hip

      34" Chest
      34" Upper Hip

      36" Chest
      36" Upper Hip
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    Printed Spandex