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All hula hoops & handmade apparel are non-refundable

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  • Rainbow Mermaid Hoop

    Sea sister of the Solid Rainbow Morph and Translucent Rainbow Morph, Mermaid comes full circle in the color spectrum. Stellar not only because you can see through it, but even more stellar due to its magical wonder of displaying all the colors of the rainbow depending on what type of light you are playing in.

    High light will display more cyans, blues, and purples where Lower light will trigger the remaining spectral colors.

    Check out HOOP HELP for tubing details, mega easy ordering info & step-by-step linked help, and other gnarly hoop options & possibilities

    ❊This is a Taped Hoop Listing
    • Details

      ► Sizes that Work ◀︎
      3/4": up to 37"
      5/8": Under 34"

      Hoop will be Push Buttoned

      ➔ Available as Tape Rolls, too
    Tubing Size
    Hoop Diameter