Pearl Sherbert Mermaid Tape
  • Pearl Sherbert Mermaid Tape

    Sea sister of Translucent Rainbow Mermaid Morph and Sherbert Morph, Pearl Mermaid comes full circle in the color spectrum. Stellar not only because you can see through it, but even more stellar due to its magical wonder of displaying all the colors of the rainbow depending on what type of light you are playing in.

    7/8" Wide
    White Peel-Away Backing
    Malleable & Water Resistant
    Great for Lure, Nails, Hoops


    Fully Tape a Hoop = 30' of Tape

    Check out HOOP HELP for:
    - Tubing details
    - Tape lengths for hoops
    - Mega easy ordering info
    - Step-by-step linked help

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