Paisley High Waist Thong [natural]
  • Paisley High Waist Thong [natural]

    Printed Soft Spandex High Waist Stretch Thong with Natural Hems (no elastic)

    Fit: Full coverage with a very barely there vibe.
    Feel: Well, barely there! Non invasive high waist thong.
    Fashion: Super soft nylon spandex heaven for your peach. Wear as-is or under your fav attire. Cute tomboy peek-a-boo to bohemian comfy cozy.
    Function: High waist coverage with cute peach comfort. Optional panty liner for all day wear.


    Panty Liner optional

    Red color chosen for chakra love

    You may request other color: olive, teal, black, red, charcoal


    Zero Waste production & Green Powered
    All fabric of handmade apparel is re-used to create headbands, yoga pillows, panty liner pads.

    • Details

      -- Sizing | Waistband measurement is Unstretched --

      - Match this measurement to your upper hip -
      - 'Waistband' sits at upper hip, below belly button -

      Waistband 28"

      Waistband 30"

      Waistband 32"

      Waistband 34"

      Waistband 36"

      Allow for your bits to breathe and opt for no liner (recommended, if possible).
      Fabric is very lightweight and soft.

      Thank you ♡

    Size + Liner?
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