Nepalese Wide Headband
  • Nepalese Wide Headband

    Crazy Popular - Crazy Comfy - Crazy Unique

    Handmade Nepalese + Spandex Cotton Wide Headbands are created in Madison, WI by badass females, focusing their energies on quality creation, Zero Waste production, and utilizing loads of sustainable practices.

    Headband is about 20" around and offers a standard fit for most heads.

    This headband design should not slip much!
    A perfect design for all head-types, especially those that "can't wear headbands" as they typically slip.

    Wear your Wide Headband various ways:
    Hippie Band
    Bandana Style
    Up-do Wrap
    Skull Cap
    Neck Decor
    • Details

      ~20" around and 10" wide
    Nepalese Fabric
    Rib Knit