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All hula hoops & handmade apparel are non-refundable

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  • Mermaid Morph Rolls

    Bring your hoop under the sea!

    Check out HOOP HELP for tubing details, mega easy ordering info & step-by-step linked help, and other gnarly hoop options & possibilities

    • Details

      1- Mother of Pearl (T)
      2- Poseidon (T)
      3- Pearl Mermaid (T)
      4- Galactic Sherbert Mermaid (Not Available in THIS Listing)
      5- Rainbow Mermaid (T)
      6- Fiber Optic Mermaid (Not Available in THIS Listing)
      7- GLOW Mermaid (Not Available in THIS Listing)

      T: Translucent
      S: Solid

      ❊This is a tape listing for Tape Rolls
      Tape rolls are 7/8" Wide
      This listing excludes Galactic Sherbert Mermaid