Hoop Dance Workshop
  • Hoop Dance Workshop

    Hoop Dance Class Intensive for Beginner to Advanced Spinners!


    You do not need to be a hula hooper. You do not need to be a dancer.

    After this class....

    You will be a hula hooper. You will be a dancer.

    A hip hop infused hoop dance choreography sequence highlighting dance moves, hoop tricks, and flow transitions.

    Breezi is a trained movement instructor with a Bachelors in Human Development. She knows what's up. And blows your brain up, kindly.
    A natural deconstructionist at heart, Breezi thrives teaching in various class settings, breaking down information in various forms, catering to multiple learning styles.


    You will be blown away at the depth of this class, and will take home both new dance skills as well as hoop manipulations. 

    Beginner Hoopers: Do not shy away from this class! This class will offer you a NOVEL of necessary knowledge to continue to grow. Being a successful crash course, you will learn more than what is offered in a typical 6 week session, which typically offers just a few tricks slowly broken down. This class is recommended for all ages of hoopers that desire to learn how to flow through a hoop dance sequence and learn variations as to always create a new expression of movement rather than gettign stuck in the same sequence of tricks.

    Advanced Hoopers: Connect both sides of your brain and body! This class will offer you fine-tuned techniques to increase geometry, grid engagement, POV clean-up, and fluid dancce movement with your hula hoop.

    Hoops Tricks will mainly be Off-body*

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    B's Class will guide you thoroughly through the fundamentals, for beginners to advanced spinners:

    - The Hoop Lingo/ Vocabulary
    - POV & Illusory techniques
    - Hoop Positioning & Performance Stance
    - Hoop Tech & Geomentry; single hoop off body
    - Fluid, fun, awesome hip hop infused dance sequence for flowing through hoop tricks

    • Details

      Ages 17+

      Registration is to attend 1 Hoop Class

      2/29 @ 2pm

      All Style Productions

      $15 day of at door

      Sorry, no "observers" allowed. You must register and participate to attend.

      * Registration is nonrefundable

      ** Limited spots open

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