Green Aztec Leg Warmers
  • Green Aztec Leg Warmers

    LIMITED Green Aztec Fleece Long Legwarmers

    Bunch'em or enjoy them lusciously long

    Natural Stretch
    Fleece is Moisture-Wicking
    30" Thigh High Length
    Thicker upper coverstitch
    Breathable & Lightweight

    Production is Green Powered & Zero Waste

    Great for:
    Walking campus
    Strutting to catch a drink
    Warm activewear addition
    Outfit upgrade & YOUnique style
    Outdoor adventures

    Handcrafted in Madison, WI
    Leg warmer pattern is designed to create no waste when made in pairs. Any scrap possibly created is reused to create yoga pillows.

    • Details

      Natural fit; no elastic
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      Foot: 8"
      Thigh: 12"
      Length: 26"

      Foot: 9"
      Thigh: 13"
      Length: 27"

      Foot: 10"
      Thigh: 14"
      Length: 28"

      Foot: 11"
      Thigh: 15"
      Length: 29"

      1-2 inch stretch: Tribal Aztec
      2-4 inch stretch: Red Green Aztec, Blue Mustard Aztec