Flow Dress
  • Flow Dress

    Adjustable | Free Flowing | Thoughtful Cut

    Your Flow Dress offers grand movement and comfort, from day to night.
    Adjust your neckline to enjoy various fits and stylings. Show off your back or unique bra-back while staying snug in your dress. Bottom is slightly angled, as so back sweeps lower than the front. This specialty stretch fabric is lightweight, and very silky soft to the touch. With halter tie of soft 100% cotton. Yummy yummy...

    Fit: Flowing with no movement restraint.
    Covered chest, adjustable neckline, grandly loose lower, and open back.
    Feel: Airy, barely there but fully covered.
    Fashion: Droop back and angled bottom to dress offers day to night wear.
    Function: Tie halter to adjust length.

    Rib Knit stripes will run vertical, unless fabric quantity is low - best for Mother Earth.

    Created in Madison, WI
    Pattern is cut to create very minimal waste bits.
    All materials unable for use are recycled into yoga pillows.
    • Details

      Back Opening, from tie to tie 24"
      Longest Front Length 27"
      Back Length from Opening 19"
      Best for A Cups

      Back Opening, from tie to tie 26"
      Longest Front Length 28"
      Back Length from Opening 20"
      Best for A/B Cups

      Back Opening, from tie to tie 28"
      Longest Front Length 29"
      Back Length from Opening 21"
      Best for B Cups

      Back Opening, from tie to tie 30"
      Longest Front Length 30"
      Back Length from Opening 22"
      Best for C/D Cups
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    $35.00Sale Price