Fleece Avant Hood Crop Top
  • Fleece Avant Hood Crop Top

    Perfect for winter delight, festival evenings, fall frolicking and oodles more ❤

    Thoughtful colors & soft fleece fabric
    Adjustable tie back for perfect fit
    V-cut to meet your belly button
    Standard Hood for active wear
    Will come with 1-tie loop back, not 3-tie corset back
    Off-white 100% Cotton tie

    gHwc Production 100% Green Powered & Waste Free
    Minimal Avant scraps are placed into Yoga Pillows
    • Details

      Front Breast Width: 14-15"
      Front Length from Armpit to Bottom V: 18-19"

      Front Breast Width: 19-20"
      Front Length from Armpit to Bottom V: 20-21"

      Thank you ♡
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