Fire Agate Morph Tape
  • Fire Agate Morph Tape

    Fire Agate Intense Rainbow Morphing Tape

    Vinyl/Morph semi-stretch based tape
    Lays smooth and easy
    Great for Hoops to Lures
    Residue free
    Made in USA


    Fully Tape a Hoop = 30' of Tape

    "Fire Agate, known as the spiritual flame of absolute perfection, carries a great mystery locked inside its deep brown crystal." Fire agate is to ground you and offer you greater physically awareness. It is meant to quicken the fire in your spirit and make you aware that being alive is wonderful and great.

    May these Fire Agate morphing colors protect you deeply, inspire you immensely, and move you whole-heartedly wherever you lay this tape.

    Check out HOOP HELP for:
    - Tubing details
    - Tape lengths for hoops
    - Mega easy ordering info
    - Step-by-step linked help

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