Discounted Fleece Headbands
  • Discounted Fleece Headbands

    Discounted hair goodness


    *Created by a training seamstress*


    She accidentlally used a tan thread color, on the inside. It's aesthetic. She's got perfect sewing skills.


    ALL THAT HAIR....and don't care!
    This Long Fleece Headband and Head Tube has you covered!

    Hike, Yoga, Run, Rest, Get Life Done....without your hair interfering! And add some fabulousness to that gorgeous head of yours!

    Fit: Just tight enough to stay put. Very stretchy and will not loosen.
    Feel: Lightweight, warm, stretchy, & long. Feels like it belongs on your head!
    Fashion: Wear long or mega bunch. Unique, funky prints to match your lifestyle.
    Function: Keep your hair in place for errands to movement activities to style. Wear as headband, warm stylish ear muff, or fleece neck gaiter mask.
    Fabric: Stretch Fleece


    Consciously Created Clothing made in USA

    Sustainable Handmade Production is Zero Waste

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      About 18" around (not including stretch)
      About 7" long/wide


      About 18" around (not including stretch)
      About 12" long/wide

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