Cowl Shrug w/ Stash Pocket
  • Cowl Shrug w/ Stash Pocket


    Oh, can stay warm, stay true to you, and switch it, around, upside down

    Created of Nepalese Woven Cotton & Anti-pill Stretch Fleece
    Fleece lined hidden Stash Pocket
    Unique, thoughtful angled cut as to hug your body in all delightfully warm ways
    Reverse to enjoy various lovely fabrics and designs
    Wear as shrug, poncho, various cowl hoods, large scarf, etc!
    Fitted Cowl Hoods are a slightly condensed version of this Original Cowl Shrug

    *Photo 1: Double-sided Reversible of #4 and Navy Fleece

    Handcrafted in Madison, WI
    Cowl Shrug pattern is designed to create a scrap strip. This scrap is reused to create yoga pillows and/or infinity scarves sold in-store. All gHwc Perfect Pick designs are earth friendly No Waste.
    • Details

      One Size Fits All Fabulously
      Stash Pocket ~ 6" x 8"
      Cowl SHRUG may fit over shoulders; Cowl HOOD may not

      Greater Fabric Descriptions available under Apparel Tab > HWC Fabrics
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