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All hula hoops & handmade apparel are non-refundable

Green Powered & Zero Waste*

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  • Convertible Fold Over High Waist

    Soft Cotton Thong with Natural Hems (no elastic)

    Fit: Full coverage with a barely there vibe.
    Feel: Well, barely there! Non invasive thong.
    Fashion: Soft cotton heaven for your peach. Wear as-is or under your fav attire.
    Function: Optional panty liner for all day wear.


    Cotton Panty Liner optional


    Zero Waste In-House Production
    Consciously created one at a time in USA by B

    • Sizing

      Waist measurement is before Stretch
      Stretch is about 4 -6 extra inches
      Find your Waist Measurement, and deduct 1 - 2 inches as to assure a snug fit.

      Waist 24"
      Waist Foldover Length 7"

      Waist 26"
      Waist Foldover Length 7"

      Waist 28"
      Waist Foldover Length 8"

      Waist 30"
      Waist Foldover Length 8"

      Waist 32"
      Waist Foldover Length 9"

      Allow for your bits to breathe and opt for no liner (recommended, if possible & is an add-on purchase).
      Fabric is very lightweight and soft.

      Thank you sew much♡

    Size + Liner?