Convertible Thong Fold Over High Waist | Spandex
  • Convertible Thong Fold Over High Waist | Spandex

    Soft Stretchy Spandex Fold Over High Waist Thong Bottoms


    This is the thong option*

    Fit: Thong coverage with a modest to sexy vibe.
    Feel: Covers only what you want, feels comfortable all day during movement.
    Fashion: Yummy high waist to various folded and binched options for a sexier look.
    Function: High waist covers what you need, protects during movement activties, and offers more warmth if desired. Fold over waist can create various fashion looks, allows for greater breathability, and fun on the beach.


    Cotton Panty Liner optional


    Zero Waste In-House Production
    Consciously created one at a time in USA by B

    • Sizing

      Waist measurement is before Stretch
      Stretch is about 4 -6 extra inches
      Find your Waist Measurement, and deduct 1 - 2 inches as to assure a snug fit.

      Waist 24"
      Waist Foldover Length 7"

      Waist 26"
      Waist Foldover Length 7"

      Waist 28"
      Waist Foldover Length 8"