Convertible Tank Top
  • Convertible Tank Top

    Comfy Convertible Tank Top

    Fit: Full length sleeveless top with side slits.
    Feel: Super soft thanks to the fabric, and adjustable feel for running errands to active movement time.
    Fashion: A fun and simple top that works with you and your ever-changing days.
    Function: Converts from full length sleeveless to a couple unique tie-side looks.
    Fabric: Rib Knit

    Raw cut rib knit with vertical texture stripes.


    -Care Instructions-

    Hand Wash, Air Dry, Love Forever.

    Production is Waste-Free & Green Powered
    The little biit of scrap from the convertible tank becomes stuffy foor luscious, ginormous yoga pillows.

    • Sizing

      Measurements are Before it's Stretched

      Stretch is at least 4" inches

      28" Breast
      23.5" Length

      30" Chest
      25" Length

      32" Chest
      26.5" Length

      34" Chest
      28" Length

      36" Chest
      29.5" Length

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