Black & White Aztec Panty
  • Black & White Aztec Panty

    Yummy Yummy Fleece Panties, just for you!

    Snag your pair.....pairs?.....before your favorite fabric is gone!

    Your Fleece Panties offer your rump what it needs for cozy goodness! Keep your tush warm during chilly nights, your lady bits happy no matter what type of bottoms you are sporting, doubly safe during fire play, and all around scrumptiously comfortable day to night. Featuring a barely-there elastic waistband to maintain perfect contour fit.


    USA Recycled Anti-Pill Fleece


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      -- Sizing | Waistband measurement is Unstretched --

      Waistband 28"

      Waistband 30"

      Waistband 32"

      Waistband 34"

      Waistband 36"

      No Cotton liner- Allows for your bits to breathe. Fleece is breathable.

      Thank you ♡
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    Aztec Fleece