2 Hoop Deal
  • 2 Hoop Deal

    TWO sensational hoops for about the price of one!

    3/4" & 5/8" OD High-Quality and High-Performance UV Clear Polypro Hula Hoops
    3/4" OD & 7/8" HDPE now available

    *Hoops Are Naked*Purchase Tape & Customize via Individual Listings*

    --Please Include in Hoop Details--
    Diameter(s) of Hoops:
    Connection~ push button will be selected if not indicated:
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      --Tubing Selection & Recommendations--

      1" PEX: Fabulous for the hooper that is down to chill with the hoop on his or her waist most of the time. Can be quite "heavy" for a hoop; the size and weight may limit ability to progress into the vast world of hoop tricks. Larger surface area makes tapes look stellar as ever and coils well, too. 37" and under in diameter is recommended and is also the Gnar limit.
      3/4" PEX: Hands down best for beginners. The added few ounces mean worlds to the control and regulated speed offered by this tubing. Black in color, and a very small bit flexy, this tubing coils like a breeze just like 5/8" Polylpro but offers an experience comparable to 3/4" Polypro - transitioning just got real easy ;) 37" and under in diameter, please
      3/4" UV Polypro: Best for polypro beginners, more chill and controlled hooping, and a bit slower flow. Gnar digs the swag; slower sweeping pull-flows offer more controlled manipulations. Dampened response time, stellar for learning new tricks. 37" and under
      5/8" UV Polypro: Light weight, responsive, gnarly all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and a feather-light experience. SO fun..gotta try it sooner or later, fo sho. 34" and under in diameter is the gnarly recommendation to avoid wonk
      1/2" UV Polypro: Lighting fast, feather light, and ultra thin. No more than 30" OD, or else you may have a crazy noodle hoop. Best connection will be chosen by Hoop Smith
      3/4" HDPE: Loved by beginners, and even craved by professionals. A bit more of a 'spring' to HDPEs responsiveness than Polypro, HDPE also offers a bit more weight for added control and decreased speed of tricks. Creamy, and semi-translucent white, naturally
      7/8 HDPE: A beginners hybrid! Gnar's definite recommendation when you just are not sure, but are sure you prefer a bit of weight and thickness to your tubing and flow

      *Push Button is recommended
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