Florida Beach Hula Hooping for Adults & Children

Learn to hula hoop, hoop dance fitness, hula hoop dance flow, and hoop trick!

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Free Beach Hula Hooping Event

Every Sunday enjoy free beach hula hooping at Treasure Island in Florida! Drum circle is an incredible, unique experience of vivacious and creative humans coming together. The environment is fun, welcoming, and very inviting to truly B your self! Breezi offers a large hula hoop rack ready for you to grab and play - simply select your hoop type and size (try them all if you desire!) and get hooping. Feel free to ask for general assistance as well as learn a fundamental trick or two at zero cost. This is your opportunity to either begin hula hooping or elevate your current hula hoop dance journey. Beginners to advanced spinners are welcome to play and learn!

Local Beach Hula Hooping Classes & Lessons

Desire a private, custom hula hooping experience? No problem! Contact to book your session(s) today - one on one as well as group lessons are available. Schedule availability is typically limited thanks to high demand for hula hooping classes, but I absolutely do my best to meet you needs and desires to their fullest extent. Discount and deals are always available to add on to your hula hooping lessons, and packages really help you save. Learn more here and let's get started. Hula hoop lessons are available in person in the St Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater area. Further Florida destinations can be accommodated for learning to hula hoop and price may vary. Hula hoops are provided of various plastic types as well as a vat array of hoop sizes.