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Stash Bag Unique fleece lined drawstring bags for everyday use! Perfect for glasses, pipes, makeup, phones, etc!

You may opt for a Headband instead*


Hula Hoop HDPE all ages hoop.

Winter & environmentally friendly plastic, perfect for beginners, adults, and children. You are welcome to select your diameter hoop size*


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So, what's going on?


gHwc had a subleaser lined up for 507 State St. The competition for the location was thick, and 1 gentleman stood out. After reviewing countless inquiries, moving forward with this gentleman absolutely seemed best. All the information being extended made it clear that this sublease was happening very fast. It was such a serious endeavor, that the sublease was going to become a solid new 5 yr lease for the person, after an approved proposal.


P.S. Sales have never been better - THANK YOU.



What happened with the proposal?


The gentlemen put the pressure on - he wanted to move in asap. 

gHwc was urged to find a new lease immediately as so this gentlemen could move in and take over on State.


Unfortunately, he was dishonest.


The information given was not true. Such misinformation has now created intense financial issues for gHwc.

gHwc's first deficit.


gHwc was suppose to be out of State St. by July 1st per the request of the gentleman. gHwc very quickly found a new location and signed a lease for July 1st and immediately began moving in. The move in came to a quick and abrupt hault.


To this day, future prospects are not looking good.

The State St location, as mentioned by many prfoessionals and not, is far too expensive for what it is worth.


Can't gHwc just stay on State?


No, absolutely not. With the financial demands of the new location + the ever-expanding issues with State St. that Breezi had been alluding to for months via media posts, the finances just aren't there. gHwc has already taken out it's first loan to cover the finances of July and to keep up with pivotal supply re-stocks. A second loan has been taken out for August with barely assisting anything forward.

It is unclear if another loan can even be approved. Honestly, Breezi is sick to her stomach finding herself in debt, substantial debt, for the first time in her life. And it continues to grow due to State St financial demands. Her hustle is solid, strong, and perpetually rock solid....but sometimes any hustle just isn't enough for such unforeseen circumstances and unreasonable rates.


For the first time in her life, Breezi truly is asking for help.


What can you do to help?


Donating is an ultra quick way to directly help Breezi and gHwc. All funds go to rent expenses.


SHARING this web page is the MOST AMAZING way to help, with or without financially helping!

Creating greater awareness expands information circles, and this can easily be done by Sharing this information with friends, family, and on social medias. You can copy & paste this URL to create a shared link, for example, in your Facebook status.

Gifts from Donating: First of all, THANK YOU FOR DONATING!! You will be contacted in September to claim your gift. Gifts are pickup only in Madison, WI. 

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