This letter is to you babe..


Never deny yourself - your greatest desires and most monumental dreams. Take that moment, that one moment we all need, and prove to yourself you are unstoppable. I believe we all have that significant experience where we decide, "Will I teach this to myself?" consequencing in stronger competence and self-belief, or will we deny ourselves the fact that we can do anything. Just take that step. Learn something new, go into the great unknown, watch countless tutorials to master a new skill. You can do anything if you try! And I think this moment was triggered when my best friend passed. I always told myself "no" or "you can't" or my personal favorite nowadays "that seems too hard." Oh, how far I have come...and how far you can go. Just, go for it.

The possible seemed outrageously impossible, just three years ago. Never did I imagine my life, here, at gHwc. My life was drowning in too many classes, too many jobs, and too many financial constraints. I desired so much to stay as a child developmental specialist and program creator, but when DJ Gnarizard passed away and my life completely blasted in my face, I took a chance...and believed in myself. Because he believed in me. He told me countlessly I was going to save the world. And so I instantaneously created Gnar Hoops- my approach to spreading the incredible developmental benefits of hooping. Seriously, the all-encompassing benefits are outstanding.

Gnar Hoops took off. My attention to quality and ability to deep-research unique products set Gnar apart, and beyond. After 6 months, I randomly made a tribal bra, which caught the eye of Madison's RAW director. I was asked to do a fashion show, and was all together triple featured. Please understand, I never made clothing. And suddenly, I was asked to completely produce a show, from visual concepts to managing making all the clothing. I was petrified, I was excited, and I.was.ready. Enough was enough, "Lets do this, B!" Now here we are.  Gnar Hoops & Happy World Clothing LLC. It's amazing what you can do when you believe in yourself and work relentlessly for your dreams!  


with all my love & gratitude, lil miss B                                                          Oct. 2016


Owner of gHwc



Instagram: @lil__miss__B







⫸  self-earned degrees  ⫷


Associates of Science

Emphasis - Environmental Issues


Liberal Arts Degree

Emphasis - Human Services


Bachelor of Sciences

Human Development & Family Studies

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