March 14, 2018

Eco conscious handmade clothing and hula hoop shop GHWC is saying goodbye to Ethos and hello to Arcadia Green Power!

December 28, 2017

BABE, it's cold outside! Don't be caught with your leg warmers down during the chilly winter months! Long warm leg warmers thigh high for winter weather warmth and eco friendly handmade. Best popular fleece leg warmers, aztec leg warmers, rib knit leg warmers.

August 9, 2017

When shopping online and looking for evening dresses, what worries shoppers the most?

- The quality of the product you are purchasing, and whether or not the product you are buying will look exactly the same as the product you’re ordering. -

Whether you’re buying l...

June 26, 2017

Theres 5 simple things you can do to lead a sustainable life. You might wonder why we should live that way? Let me show you how it is not only about saving your money, but even a little bit of that lifestyle might help save planet earth!

Lets take a look on how eve...

June 25, 2017

If you are in love with essential oils, you cannot miss our lava accessories from Lava Essentials <-- check out their Instagram!

Why we promote lava accessories is because, not only do they come in a one of a kind exclusive design, they also hold essential oils in so yo...

May 21, 2017

How many detriments are there when producing cotton fabrics?

Yes, cotton farming is extremely harmful for the environment particularly because cottons produced in China, United States, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and West Africa accounts for over 75% of the global produ...

April 18, 2017

Starting tomorrow, when you pass by gHwc, look out for some hoops! The weather is great for outdoors again, with Breezi's active nature that promotes community activities, we have placed a bunch of hoops outside so people could start hooping right up front in the beaut...

April 13, 2017

Hi there, if you have not already heard about our Naked Lady Party event that is happening tonight, please check out our event page: 

This also means that you should start following our page cuhs you do not want to miss o...

April 9, 2017

Breezi's Instagram post on pricing really struck me hard. Honestly, I bet this is not the first time you have heard about whether to support local and handmade goods, or the reason behind why the items are possibly priced so high.

Honestly, we are focusing on the p...

April 8, 2017

Affordable prices for handmade clothing. Sweatshop free clothes made in America. Artisan apparel made by women in Madison, WI. 100% green powered, sustainable, and zero waste clothing production. Shop in Madison WI on State St!

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